8 Aug 2011

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  1. Dear G. Watson, i v try to find another way to contact u, but it's seems that it's the only one i ve found to have the chance to thanks u. Thank u for what, not for becamin' one of those fuckin' hipster model re twitter more than 20 time per days..No,no, i blame thoses person which put the famous statut before the talent, and gosh u got talent. SO yeah, i m like really bad at being thanksfull (and my english kind of sucks.) but, i had to tell u, u make me feel, u make me discovering a world, a cultur that i was never expecting to touch me. this is not my generation, i was only one years old when u were shooting on rave, but who cares! ur still practicing! and there is nothing better for me that feeling chills on my back goin' up to my neck when i'm lookin at some picture of strangers. It s not only the light, or the structure, it's the atmosphere, untemporal smile. I don't know, i think there s not good words to define ur work, or even photography,after all, if we use image it's probably because words can't explain everything.

    so yeah, no need to publish, just to let u know this.
    Lisa (France.)