17 Jul 2011


Anonymous, on Jul 12, 2011 wrote:
Mr. Watson, these photos are terrible. What were you thinking -that your 1 paragraph explanation about troubles in your life would transform these crappy shots into something with hipster-cred? Literally, I could mistake your photos with garbage. What attracts me to vice is the interesting and semi-seedy subject matter and the novel presentation of it. I am surprised and disappointed that they printed your photos because they bring down the quality of the whole vice-product

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  1. Written by Anonymous, Yeah that'd be right, not even the balls to be themselves. I know you don't need to be told this and i'm sure you have enough people out there who praise your work, but you genuinely are one of my favourite photographers. At a time when I was struggling to find inspiration and hadn't picked up a camera in months I found your books and was so inspired by the love you have for your subjects and photography. I find a warmth and depth to your work that's missing from so much modern photography. It's shot from the heart ( there's a song in there somewhere lol )More power to you Gavin. Big Love, Craig.