30 Apr 2009



  1. I love these pics. I also was a punk, living on the Micklefield Estate in High Wycombe between 1983 to 1985. I copied Souixie, she was my idol. I remember there was a biker pub, a skinhead pub and a punk pub in High Wycombe town centre. I wonder what they are now? I guess I probably knew Gavin, I sometimes went into the skinhead pub. I remember having a deep conversation with a skinhead lad about how the skins were into Ska and were very much about bringing black and white people together and being unified against racism. Me and my brother (also a punk) occasionally went up to the King's Road and Carnaby Street to fantasize about the clothes and shoes we wanted to buy. I remember buying a pair of pointed, acid-pink leopard print slip-on shoes in the King's Road in around 1983, only to lose one of them the next day while illegally letting fireworks off in a field near Marlow in the middle of the night, having been chased by a farmer with a gun in his hand in the dark (or maybe I imagine the gun, but I remember think that he was going to shoot me). It guts me to this day, I loved those shoes.

    I am a painter now, although I keep it low-key. I really admire Gavin's work.

    I have ordered Gavin's book on punks and skins and I am really looking forward to reading it.

  2. Dear Gavin,

    These are wonderful photographs and I am looking forward to seeing the book. I am wondering if you would please be able to email me. My name is Zoe and I am working with Oxfam to put on a historical exhibition on the King's Road, fashion and culture from the 60s onwards. Your photographs would be wonderful for the 1980's section and I would be very grateful if you could contact me to discuss whether we could obtain any of these photos for the exhibit?

    Many thanks,